The people I treasure most leave the biggest scars
Hi, I'm Aaron. I post fashion, small amounts of photography and small amounts of text posts.
Anonymous asked: Oh I see ;; Please rest well and take a hot bath I think that helps when your body aches. Ohh it's 19:55 here so we're one hour apart hehe. Well I was trying to sleep before but I didn't fall asleep ;_; why are you extremely tired? Aren't you getting enough sleep lately? I know how you feel though. Lol dude omg why are you so popular lmao makes me feel like I shouldn't even be talking to you xD

;u; hot bath… hmmm i can’t rly take baths cus my bath sucks ;; QQ but uhmm… yeah I try to rest well? ;u; yaaayyyyyy that’s not that far haha, why do you have trouble sleeping ;o why are you trying to sleep so early anyway? and ;u; well it has been a long day and I just helped replace a huge window (1 or 2 people know how big that window is LOL shit) yeah… I’m… probably not getting enough sleep but that doesn’t matter… ;u; Please i’m like one of the least popular people as far as I know… and why ;A; please, :c you can’t just leave like that, you have to talk now D: don’t chu dare leave k. i;m not popular so don’t worry about that ;u; … and just talk to me if you want to

Anonymous asked: Wait why are you aching ? Are you okay? D: I hope you'll feel better soon! Well my day has been pretty ok actually. I was feeling better today but now I'm feeling worse again ._. I can't sleep though so I'm just here on the internet not knowing what to do haha

Uhmm well first is cus Leg day at gym LOL fk that.. but yeah my back slightly hurts cus of that too so my posture was probably abit off (but my squats were perfect so that’s good) and uhmm… yeah.. I just helped replace a window with my dad ;u; those things big/heavy and my dads ill so yuh. Hehe well i’m glad your day is okay atleast :o.. >< why are you feeling worse though? you shouldn’t feel worse D: *Hug* well :o I don’t even know what time it is where you are but sleep? ;u; it’s only 18:40pm here… yeahh ;u; my back hurts.. friggen window… :o maybe u could watch youtube videos or an anime with earphones in? (ive been extremely tired the past month or so…)

Anonymous asked: Everyone on here likes you so much :P And everyone has a crush on you. No fair :P

>< e-ehhh… that’s honestly not true, I think afew people kinda dislike me? and I don’t think many people have a crush on me okay >< shhhh as far as I know not many people have a crush on me < *hides* (\).(/)

Anonymous asked: Are you only attracted to asian girls? What's your type? Appearance

I wouldn’t say I’m only attracted to asian girls, but uhmm I do prefer them? like I guess I can fall for anyone maybe.. I really love people with a really nice personality? and uhmm, well my preferences are asian &/or scene/emo? and uhmm appearance i don’t really mind? as long as they have a really nice personality i guess?… but I guess if they have a nice appearance that I like then that is a bonus kinda thing? like I really like scene hair and stuff ^ u ^ and yeah it just depends on how it feels when I talk to someone? i’ve liked someone who isn’t asian *Nods* so uhmm yeah ;u; I hope that helps?

Anonymous asked: Hey good morning Aaron ^^ here I am again. Already. LOL well how are you? I gotta go to school soon but I just wanted to drop by quickly before leaving ^^ so yeah hope you have a nice day! :)

Aiyo ^ u ^ hehe you messaged me!! ouo I’m aching atm… eughh dying ;u;.. my back… and legs… hehe thank you for dropping this message >< sadly I read it after I got home aching.. but yes ouo it’s nice, I hope you’re having a nice day atm!